Seaweed, Sun, and Everything Fun!

These are the ingredients used to make every little mermaid, and every not so little mermaid, too! Mermaid Montara, the Manatee Mermaid, has been spotted swimming around from Maryland to Ohio these past two years and was just crowned Miss Mermaid Montana in the Miss Mermaid USA Pageant!

When on land, Mermaid Montara enjoys life above the sea as a preschool teacher! She spends her spare time swimming with her pod, the Metro Merfolk, making appearances at birthday parties, playing with her pet merpig Pancake, and working with horses! Her favorite things are bubbles, swimming, and eating fish!

Mermaid Montara is an entertainer and is available for all sorts of events such as birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, business promotions, and photoshoots! To inquire about dates and pricing, visit the Contact page at the top of your screen!

CLICK HERE to read Mermaid Montara’s interview with Cheeky Custard!

Coming soon: Montara’s Seal of Approval: a list of mermaid approved products (reef-safe, biodegradable, healthy) and restaurants (fresh, sustainable)!


Photo by MelaniePortrait
Photo by MelaniePortrait


See The Light As It Shines Off The Sea, It Calls Me photo by MelaniePortriats


Photo by Elizabeth Elder (emack photography)

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Date: September 13th - 19th, 2019
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